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I wanna sleep so bad (02:00am). Anyhow, don’t be afraid to say your thoughts out loud regarding things, don’t be afraid of anything, speak ur mind, be yourself and respect yourself for that perfectly imperfectly person that you are, put a mouth to that brain! ✌️ #drseuss Forget about the past and MAKE the rest of ur life the best ur life.

Bathroom Pose | Photographer 


Hair down to her bum.





My cockatoo does this. Not even kidding. He thinks it’s flippin’ hilarious.

Frickin birds

Helpin out the homies

Carter Cruise

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So besides my insomnia right now imma try to chill down with one of my favourite shows… #BobsBurgers so supidhilarious i love it 👨🍔
INSOMNIA😞 I’m thankful for many other things, this was what came to mind🙏. #TGIM
Now THAT’s a strong selfie! Imma go soft for a quick minute, i recieved some bad news the other day and it really bothered me & today it hit me. it made me lose sleep, got a messy mood and even lack of motivation (i dont even mention the depressing weather over here) to just get up & prepare to hit the gym, man, it waz a slow day but i just sat on the side of my bed,thought to myself that if i dont go out and keep doin what i have to do to achieve my goals, this day is gonna get worse plus im gonna lose 1 day of work and aint nobody got time for that, i keep a Vision for myself to thrive on and thats just what i did i told myself today nd put all the frustration on the weights and had a good ass session. Today WAZ a good day. So it doesn’t matter whats gonna happen in ur life we cant look back all we got to do is Live for the day and make the best of the day for tomorrow, that’s whats gonna count at the end of the day! #iLoveYouWeights
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